Tactile Dots at Woodford Station – framed

Tactile Dots at Woodford Station – framed

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My local station had an enthusiastic caretaker when we first moved into the area and won annual awards for its gardens. There was also a rooster named Elvis.

The way they install these dots is fascinating. I didn’t get to see them drilling the holes into the concrete, but laying down sheets of dots and then hammering them into the holes. Formerly it was just a yellow line. “Please stand behind the yellow line until all passengers have alighted from the train.”

The shadow from the railing shows that the photo was taken in the afternoon. The in situ photograph, however, was taken in the morning, so the shadow falls at a different angle.

Hand-drawn charcoal and pastel on calico. 500 x 750mm, 20″ x 29″; gallery wrapped.

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