Happy Fathers Day

My family circa 2009

Checking in with my Etsy shop, I found my wife had set up a Fathers Day coupon from many years ago.

I hear in the US the big day this year is Sunday 17th June. Here in Australia we celebrate Fathers Day in September. Whatever date you celebrate, you can still use this coupon to save $10 for any order over $40 from my Etsy shop.


The difference between my things for sale here at peterbrandt.com.au and Etsy is that I pay to list things on Etsy and they take a cut of each sale. They also have fancy buyer protection things going and advertising, so I still sell more stuff there. I’m slowly listing more stuff here though.

Take cars for example – car portaits make great Father’s Day gifts, by the way – I have 40 cars listed on Etsy and 53 cars listed here. I haven’t been very systematic there – my wife lists things here and I list things on Etsy and we’re both fairly sporadic about it.

To be even-handed I’ve set up a matching coupon to use here on this peterbrandt.com.au shop – just type in HAPPYFATHERSDAY into the Apply Coupon box when you go to your Shopping Cart (which should be shopping trolley for Australians, but hey, we can cope)

So, Happy Fathers’ Day, wherever you are, whenever you celebrate.

Charcoal Management 101

Someone has asked for some advice on how to tackle a still life assignment. Since this is my first ever attempt at telling, and showing, someone how to do anything even vaguely artistic, I hope you’ll have patience with me. Be aware that I have no training whatsoever in imparting knowledge; and if you are being tutored elsewhere, please remember that satisfaction shall be rendered unto that tutor before me. After all, they have Qualifications.

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Introduction to my studio

I could start with a detailed description of my converted single garage, complete with a layout plan and photos of every nook and cranny; but you’d probably be asleep before too long (which may be a good thing – you spend too much time on the internet anyway). So I’ll just stick to a paragraph here and a photo there, as it occurs to me.

For starters, meet my drawing sticks.

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