Art Drop Day

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Remember this for next year: Art Drop Day 1st Tuesday in September.

We’re brainstorming how this idea could help find homes for the many portraits waiting in Peter’s studio.

The general idea is to join a world wide treasure hunt for random artwork. Each artist leaves work in a public place and posts to social media using the hashtag #artdropday. They can be as clear or cryptic as they want. Anyone can browse posts with this tag and look out for any drops in their area.

People finding the pictures sometimes respond, sometimes with photos to prove their find. Great fun, publicity and raising awareness of those afflicted with compulsive artwork syndrome.

One idea is to leave portraits in random suburbs up and down the Blue Mountains. Another is to stitch them together like a giant patchwork quilt and hang them over the railing at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre.

A trip into Sydney would be fun.

Back at UNSW there were many people putting up posters on a regular basis. Some spots carried posters layered fairly thickly – pasting posters up would be the proper way, though I found tape easier.

Imagine a world without photocopiers – where each poster is a unique work.

Sort of nice, if something is going to intrude on the landscape that the person would have gone to a bit of trouble to do it.

Slow down and smell the pastel fixative.

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