Art Drop 2780

Art Drop 2780

Tuesday 5th September – the first Tuesday in September each year is Art Drop Day, an idea of Mr Jake Parker from Utah, USA.

Even before hearing about Art Drop Day, Peter has been leaving pieces in public places for a while now.

A ballerina covering some Crooked Fiddle Band posters

It comes from drawing to fill a need for creating, experimenting and recharging. When you draw every day, the drawings tend to accumulate.

Bright red highlights for the old tobacconist's

You, dear readers, often find something to buy to keep the whole thing going. It is so good to receive orders out of the blue through this web page or Etsy.

Paris on the handrail by the fair trade shop

But there will still be pictures that I may not be 100% happy enough with to put up for sale, for whatever reason. Some become experiments – like the time Mr Belucci went through the washing machine to see what would happen.

Bathurst comes to the Old Town Square

Some drawings are released into the wilds of the Blue Mountains. These photos are from an Katoomba Art Drop or Art Bomb back in March 2015.

Mickey Rooney and Humphrey Bogart

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