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Peter draws as something of a therapeutic hobby. He regular earmarks interesting images to draw, without much rhyme or reason.

We have hundreds of works stacked on shelves in Peter’s studio (a converted garage). The question is, how to present them in such a way that they can be browsed and maybe even purchased.

One step along the way is a new website: – a photo gallery type website which has only the work currently, physically, actually lying on shelves in the studio.

One thought is to make an item in this website by which you can somehow make on offer on a piece from

The surest way is to write an email to Peter: – and let him know. Would you like a mixed bag of Bjork portraits? We have 87 to choose from at the moment.

Commissions are generally $100 each, though more complex work can go higher.

Pastel Portraits of a Train Station

Woodford Station – favourite stop for cyclists attempting the 27km downhill bush ride known as the Oak’s Fire Trail. Home of Elvis the Rooster in the early years of this century. Also the place where I sometimes clear my archives by hanging old work on the noticeboard in the unofficial Woodford Underground Gallery.

Our local train station seemed a good candidate for a series of pastel paintings for a local exhibition. One sold, but the rest came back home. We took them out for another photo shoot one sunny winters day:

I didn’t quite get the right angle for the shots, but gives you an idea of their inspiration. It’s interesting to see the changes over just a few years. Back when the photos were taken the Sydney Trains had a blue and yellow theme, but since then they have morphed into the orange and black of Transport NSW. I like the old writing captured in the dots portrait better than the crude blacking out and all caps replacements.

For the love of Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are pretty special.

If you’ve ever had a go at blowing raspberries through a trumpet, buzzing into a clarinet or sawing away at a violin, you’ll know there’s an amazing amount of work that goes into making music.

Both Peter and I come from families where music was ever-present. My mother taught singing and Peter’s mother taught piano. Even so, musical instruments as a subject for drawing didn’t happen until a while after the Spark Plug idea.

I’ll have to write about the Spark Plug another time. For now, here’s the new category of Musical Instruments. I’ll be slowly categorising the rest of the treasure trove of past drawings. As always, any requests can be made through the Contact Us page.

Happy Fathers Day

My family circa 2009

Checking in with my Etsy shop, I found my wife had set up a Fathers Day coupon from many years ago.

I hear in the US the big day this year is Sunday 17th June. Here in Australia we celebrate Fathers Day in September. Whatever date you celebrate, you can still use this coupon to save $10 for any order over $40 from my Etsy shop.


The difference between my things for sale here at and Etsy is that I pay to list things on Etsy and they take a cut of each sale. They also have fancy buyer protection things going and advertising, so I still sell more stuff there. I’m slowly listing more stuff here though.

Take cars for example – car portaits make great Father’s Day gifts, by the way – I have 40 cars listed on Etsy and 53 cars listed here. I haven’t been very systematic there – my wife lists things here and I list things on Etsy and we’re both fairly sporadic about it.

To be even-handed I’ve set up a matching coupon to use here on this shop – just type in HAPPYFATHERSDAY into the Apply Coupon box when you go to your Shopping Cart (which should be shopping trolley for Australians, but hey, we can cope)

So, Happy Fathers’ Day, wherever you are, whenever you celebrate.