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Once Upon a Record

Cover of Once Upon a Record

One of the highlights of this year has been working with Geoff Weule on a cover for his autobiography. His surname is pronounced “Wye-lee” – there’s a story behind it but that’s not the most interesting part of this multi-faceted gentleman.

The book cover planned to feature just a few of the more famous people that Geoff has hob-nobbed with in his career in the music industry. Each was made with permission from each of the celebrities or their relevant representatives – some even gave some guidance on the portraits.

So, we have John Farnham, Julie Anthony, Mark Holden and Slim Dusty. Each was drawn separately then combined into the record shaped space on the cover.

The book itself is a great read – anyone listening to music over the past 50 years could not fail to smile at the insights from behind the scenes.

Geoff Weule presented the portrait of Slim Dusty to the singer’s widow, Joy McKean OAM.

Joy was in Katoomba today to view the pastel on linen portrait by Peter Brandt. Joy was so thrilled to see the actual painting she said that she liked it so much she would like to keep it for herself, as it was such a great likeness of her late husband, but by it being hung in the Centre it would allow countless visitors to view it for years to come.

So next time you’re in Kempsey, visit the Slim Dusty Centre and have a look for the portrait hanging among the golden records.

You can get a copy of the book from the newly launched Amazon Australia or ask for it at your local bookshop. Local bookshops appreciate the custom.

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Charcoal Management 101

Someone has asked for some advice on how to tackle a still life assignment. Since this is my first ever attempt at telling, and showing, someone how to do anything even vaguely artistic, I hope you’ll have patience with me. Be aware that I have no training whatsoever in imparting knowledge; and if you are being tutored elsewhere, please remember that satisfaction shall be rendered unto that tutor before me. After all, they have Qualifications.

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Introduction to my studio

I could start with a detailed description of my converted single garage, complete with a layout plan and photos of every nook and cranny; but you’d probably be asleep before too long (which may be a good thing – you spend too much time on the internet anyway). So I’ll just stick to a paragraph here and a photo there, as it occurs to me.

For starters, meet my drawing sticks.

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